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The services of Four Seasons Landscape Management extends past the immediate area of Louisville and well into Oldham County. In the southwest portion of that county is the city of Crestwood. Off of Highway 71, next to Pewee Valley, this small but lively community is teemed with homeowners dedicated to their places of residence, and their neighborhoods. Four Seasons Landscape Management is likewise dedicated to them, in the improvement and maintenance of their landscapes and lawns to the highest of standards. We are the most qualified lawn care company in the region to call for a thick, lush, healthy lawn and plant life for years to come.

Crestwood was originally settled in the middle part of the 19th century with the establishment of a post office for a stopping point on the Louisville and Frankfort Railroad. The surrounding land was owned and subsequently donated by Joseph Beard, and the post office was named after him in that honor. The unincorporated town was later renamed Crestwood after the beginning of the 20th century, and was not officially chartered until the year 1970. Though it remains small, it has grown many times over since its first census. After reporting just 531 people in the year 1980, today it has 4,531 as of the 2010 census, and an unofficial estimation of 4,847 residents as of 2015. The people live inside an area of 3.6 square miles, all of which is land, giving the city a moderate density of 554.5 people per square mile.

The city of Crestwood does not have their own independent school district, with their public school children attending the Oldham County School System. This county school district consists of nine elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools along with an alternative high school. It also has a new engineering academy, as well as an arts center.

Small businesses make up the majority of Crestwood’s business district. In its small downtown area reside a variety of restaurants and cuisines, auto repair shops, grocery stores, and service industries. Though, there is also a Walmart within its borders. 

Showcasing the area’s natural beauty in a combination of recreation and education is the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. This facility is renowned internationally for its programs of gardening and plant life. They display a dedication to teach that is akin to the level that our staff puts into action on your outside property. In addition to their slew of educational programs, they also host community events. This includes the opportunity to get married backed by a beautiful natural scenery. Hiking trails are available on the property for your observation of the diverse species they have on their site in their display gardens. The property covers 33 acres of former farmland. In 1941, the owners began to transfer it into a nursery, collecting over one thousand specimens, and developed new hybrids for landscaping.

True to the spirit of distilling in the state of Kentucky, Crestwood is home to the Kentucky Artisan Distillery. People who wish to begin their own production of bourbon can learn from this facility. It offers education classes, as well as assistance services such as bottling and contract distillation. You can also contract out the blending and processing. Behind the scenes tours are also available for the aspiring distiller to get a better idea of what may be involved if they are to expand their business to mass production.