Lawn Care Goshen KY

Your home landscape is an important investment. For a variety of reasons, it is in your best interest to keep the plant life on the outside of your property well maintained. The condition of your landscape can affect the value of your property by as much as 20 percent. For the vast majority of properties, the lawn is the largest part of the landscape. A deep green, thick, neatly mowed lawn plays no small part in the perfect eye picture of your property to yourself, as well as any visitor or passerby. In the Goshen area, the best lawn care company to call to keep your lawn as beautiful as it can be is Four Seasons Landscape Management. We have been doing this for over a decade, and are confident enough in our work that we do not require you to sign any contract to do business with us.

Our lawn care program is done in 7 steps. They are spread evenly throughout the growing season, and will ensure your lawn gets a steady supply of nutrients, as well as fends off all weeds. Our lawn fertilization products come from Biogreen, fertilizer that has a wealth of macro and micronutrients, and is human, pet, and environmentally friendly. Our carefully timed plan is as thorough as it is effective.
   • In Mid-March, right at winter’s end, is the perfect time to start with an application of Biogreen fertilizer full of iron and micronutrients. This early nourishment          gives it a jumpstart on growing, making it naturally more weed resistant. A pre-emergent crabgrass weed control product is also laid down to prevent these          early growing floral pests from gaining ground.
   • In later spring, another round of Biogreen will be applied, as well as a weed control product that combats a variety of invaders that start to sprout as the                weather becomes warmer, including broadleafs, dandelions, and clover.
   • As summer approaches, it is important to keep the lawn nourished to protect it against the stress of the hotter temperatures. A third round of Biogreen will be        fed to the grass, as well as crabgrass weed control to take care of any resilient survivors. 
   • By middle to late summer, the weeds should be eliminated. Therefore, we will only spot treat any areas which may still have a few left over, especially weeds        which love the hot weather such as nutsedge. Another round of Biogreen is applied. This is vastly superior to synthetic fertilizer in hot weather;                  products will not burn the grass, and continue to promote a green color and healthy growth even with the severe temperatures.
   • When fall comes, the last application of Biogreen will be laid down, as well as weed control that should protect your grass as it prepares for winter’s                      dormancy. As the cooler temperatures are the prime time for growth, this application of fertilizer will be the most generous – importantly promoting the                  deepening of the roots. It is at this time that we offer aeration and overseeding. The importance of aeration cannot be overstated. Relieving soil compaction is      absolutely essential for nutrients and water to continue to effectively penetrate the soil and get to the roots.

In the Goshen and greater Louisville area, Four Seasons Landscape Management lives up to its name in lawn care. Your grass will be protected year round, being given the nutrients and pest control treatments it needs to ensure its health in both growth and dormant cycles. For more information, give us a call or visit our contact page.