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The suburb of Louisville known as Jeffersontown is a vibrant and historic town, attracting visitors from both Kentucky and Indiana with its proximity to the state border. With a bustling downtown, and packed with a dense residential section, there are many property owners here who take pride in having a lush, green lawn, and healthy ornamental plants. Four Seasons Landscape Management is happy to have established itself in serving the citizens of this community, and seeks to expand our presence here through our dedicated lawn care and landscaping services.

After the settlement of Louisville was firmly established and on its way to growth, another began to form nearby in the southeast section of Jefferson County. The fertile land was an ideal place for farming crops, and the place was also used as a rest point for people who were making the journey to and through Louisville. In 1794, a section of property purchased by one of the residents became the initial city known as Jefferson, named after Thomas Jefferson, who would go on to be president seven years later. The rest of the surrounding area was called Brunerstown, but all residents later adopted the name of Jefferson – and renaming it Jeffersontown. Today, more than two centuries after its official incorporation in 1797, the city covers exactly 10 square miles, all of it being land. Though its population is only a fraction of Louisville’s, it is actually denser than the main city, with its 26,595 people as of the 2010 census giving it a population density of 2,659 people per square mile. It is the third largest suburb of Louisville.

Economically, Jeffersontown has been a pioneer in the area of business environment. In 1966, 600 acres were set aside to create the Bluegrass Commerce Park. Later expanding to 1,800 acres, it now houses 850 businesses. Some are large corporate headquarters such as Papa John’s Pizzeria, while others are small, local businesses similar to Four Seasons Landscape Management. The businesses are arranged inside a park type setting. It was the first of its kind established in the nation. Today, it is Kentucky’s largest industrial park.

Jeffersontown has its own individual public school system. It consists of five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Private schools are also represented in the city. There are three Catholic schools, two of which are K-8, and one K-9. The private Academy for Individual Excellence is a K-12 facility.

The largest annual event of Jeffersontown is undoubtedly the Gaslight Festival. It is held for a week and the preceding weekend every September. The most interesting thing about this event is its evolution. It started out very small, as a street party. Over the years, it gradually grew in popularity, and hence events, kind of like the town grew in population due to its appeal – and how Four Seasons Landscape Management has expanded in clientele due to the quality of our service. Eventually, the party, now a full blown festival, was moved to the Gaslight Square. Events include a golf scramble, a 5k race, a children’s football game, pipe smoking contest, a car show, motorcycle show, parade, and more.

The city of Jeffersontown is host to many other events during the year, including the Halloween Pumpkinfest, which consists of children trick-or-treating in full costume. This event is also held at the Gaslight Square. The Summerfest kicks off the season with a firework show, live music, and a movie held on a large outdoor screen.