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Four Seasons Landscape Management is located in Goshen, which is part of the Louisville metro area. Kentucky lives up to its nickname of “The Bluegrass State” with its rolling hills of beautiful, lush clearings and meadows. We are proud to serve the residents of Kentucky’s largest and one of its most historic cities with our tree and lawn care programs, providing them with a smaller scale replica on their properties of the state’s eye-catching natural appearance. We enhance the color, thickness, and vigor of their landscape’s plant life with our expert staff and effective products.

The modern settlement that became the city of Louisville was established in 1778 by George Rogers Clark during the Revolutionary War. Its exceptionally fertile soil made it a prime setting for agriculture, which served as the original backbone of the growth. Though it suffered some initial setbacks from British and Native American attacks, it eventually rebounded and expanded into a shipping town in the early 19th century. This resulted in Louisville quadrupling in size in the first decade of the 1800s. The city’s incorporation surprisingly did not happen until 1828, despite its rapid early growth. It now has an estimated 2015 population of 760,026 people, which is the 30th largest city in the United States. Louisville covers an area of 397.68 square miles, 17.23 of which is water. 

Today, Louisville remains a heavily industrial town, but has diversified over the past 200 years. It still is a shipping stronghold, but it also has a wide array of corporations across many types of fields. The automotive industry is well represented with two Ford plants. One cannot speak of major industries in Kentucky without mentioning its bourbon. Almost 35 percent of all Kentucky bourbon is manufactured in Louisville. In 1999, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail was launched as a joint promotional venture of several distilleries. Of course, the city takes equal pride in its small, locally owned stores and service businesses similar to Four Seasons Landscape Management. The small business representation in the city easily covers as many industries and services as the larger national or multinational organizations.

The downtown area has what the residents refer to as Museum Row. Art, sports, and cultural history are memorialized in the various halls and galleries in this section of town. Near to that area is the well-respected Kentucky Science Center.

Louisville holds a wide range of cultural events throughout the year. Among them are the Beatles festival, held on Memorial Day weekend, the Forecastle Festival in July, which is an arts and music event, the famous Kentucky State Fair in August, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in the fall, and more.

When speaking of Louisville, there is one place that stands above all. The city’s single most world renowned site, with the most important cultural and athletic history, obviously, is Churchill Downs. It is the site of the world’s most famous race, the Kentucky Derby. Dubbed the most exciting two minutes in sports, it is the first leg of the American Triple Crown, and has been run consecutively every year since 1875, always underneath the trademark twin spires. Inside the outer dirt track is a beautiful infield of lush Kentucky bluegrass, which Four Seasons Landscape Management can replicate on your property.

The big race is preceded by a huge party that runs for a full two weeks, known as the Kentucky Derby Festival. It begins with the largest annual fireworks display in North America, dubbed Thunder Over Louisville. Major events include a marathon, a steamboat race, a balloon race, and the Pegasus Parade.