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This area of northern central Kentucky is rife with fertile land. And the land that Middletown occupies is no exception. While the farming may be gone from this city, lawn care and landscaping certainly has not. The residents here take pride in maintaining the beauty of their small section of this gorgeous state, and many of them call on Four Seasons Landscape Management to do it. And for good reason. We have been consistently delivering outstanding results to this and surrounding communities for quite some time, and plan on doing it for many years to come.

Middletown is one of the earliest organized settlements in the state of Kentucky. Constructed on land once owned by a veteran of the Revolutionary War, it originally was a farming and shipping community. It was officially established in 1797. The origination of the name is under dispute, with some believing that it comes from being the midpoint between Shelbyville and Louisville, while others claiming that it is because it rests in between Westport and Shippingport. Originally resting on only 500 acres, it now encompasses 5.1 square miles, 0.061 of which is water. It has remained a small yet lively town, with a population of 7,218 residents reported at the 2010 census. 

The city of Middletown does not have its own independent school district. Its public school children attend the Jefferson County Public School System. This is an innovative system that gives students and parents a considerable range of choice in which school to go to, based on finding a program that best fits their interests and skills. 

In terms of economy, Middletown is mainly made up of small businesses. There are many boutiques, restaurants, as well as service businesses similar to Four Seasons Landscape Management. Some of the businesses here operate out of restored structures dating back to the early days of the town. There is a very welcoming downtown area with a retail district, convenient for shoppers.

Like many small towns, this city has its share of parks and recreational centers. Among them is Wetherby Park. Located behind the city hall, it is home to many of the town’s events, both annual and one-time parties. It contains a pavilion, and its large open area with beautiful grass is a perfect place to spend a quiet day. Four Seasons Landscape Management can also give you a small replica of that picture on the outside of your home.
A major noteworthy attraction in Middletown is the Southeast Christian Church. It is the largest church in the state of Kentucky, and is also among the largest Protestant churches in the entire United States. 

Middletown has three main historical sites. There is its historic gas station, which is significant because it was the first ever built in the town. The city’s war memorial was constructed almost immediately after the end of World War II. It was declared and dedicated as a historical site in 2003. The oldest and most famous of the three sites is the Wetherby House. This two-floored structure was a tavern and hotel constructed in 1796. During the middle part of the 19th century, it was known as the Davis Tavern, named after its owner. After Luther Wetherby married the next owner’s daughter during the 1860s, he became co-owner of the hotel, and the house remained in the family until the year 2000, when it was bought by the city. This historical structure now serves as the city hall.