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Pewee Valley prides itself on a friendly, small town atmosphere. With a small downtown area, this city is made up primarily of residences with homeowners looking for the right touch to their lawns and landscapes. Four Seasons Landscape Management fits right in with the culture and the priority the residents place on keeping their neighborhoods beautiful. We would love the opportunity to serve even more residents in this friendly little town.

Pewee Valley gets its name from a bird that is common to the local area, the eastern wood pewee, an olive colored fly catching species that is indigenous to most of North America. They are named as such due to the sound of their vocalizations. The original name of the settlement, however, was Smith’s Station, named after one of the early settlers. Pewee Valley was settled later than some of the other cities in the general region, not being occupied until 1852. Unlike many of the communities around this area, it was not originally set up as a farming community. Instead, it was built as a stop on the Louisville and Frankfort Railroad. Four years after its original settlement, a post office was established. Finally, in 1870, just 18 years after the area was settled, Pewee Valley was officially incorporated as a city. Remaining a small town to this day, it covers just 1.9 square miles of area, all of which is land. The population as of 2000 was 1,436, giving it a moderate suburban density. Though it has had a few population growth spurts in terms of percentages – in the 1910s, 1950s, and 1980s, the population has remained relatively steady since 1990.

Today, the economy of Pewee Valley is primarily made up of small businesses that are centered in the welcoming downtown area. There are restaurants, health care providers, food stores, real estate, clothing, and more. Locally owned and operated, similar to Four Seasons Landscape Management, are the general characteristics of the business district.

An outstanding feature of this city that is new to the scene is its Central Park. Located in the middle of the city, it was planned to be completed in 10 years. However, with several private local organizations volunteering their time and energy, it neared completion in half that time. It contains a trail around its perimeter, a bridge, a pavilion, and a rain garden. The park is open for anyone to walk in and spend a day out in nature, and also hosts events such as concerts and small festivals. It truly is a beautiful landscaping sight, with wide open grass in the center, surrounded by trees on the outside. Four Seasons Landscape Management shows the same type of dedication to caring for your property at your home.

Another attraction that has recently opened is the Pewee Valley Museum. Beginning in July, 2014, it is the result of the residents’ priority on preserving their history through the Pewee Valley Historical Society. Located next to Town Hall, it contains photographs of many periods, as well as interesting artifacts. The historical society also goes through great effort to put on oral presentations to educate the residents about the origins and various times of this city, both highs and lows.

Pewee Valley plays host to its share of annual events throughout the year. The largest of these is the Summer Festival. Dozens of business sponsors help bring the event to life. Though the main attractions are live music, dancing, and an abundance of food, there are also features such as balloon art, a bounce-house for the children, and face painting.