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This small, affluent community of Prospect lives at a comfortable pace. The residents here pay extra special attention to their homes, both inside and out. They take pride in having great looking landscapes. That is why many of them, for very good reason, call on Four Seasons Landscape Management to raise it to the next level, and keep it there. We are a leader in this county in both lawn and plant care, and would love to add to our clientele in this pleasant, welcoming city.

Like the majority of the communities around Jefferson County, the area now known as Prospect was formally settled by farmers, and the crops served as the backbone of the economy of the budding community. This area, however, was settled later than many of the surrounding communities, not being established until the latter part of the 18th century. Settling around the railroad station known as Prospect, the area was originally dubbed Sand Hill by the residents. However, the name of the town was eventually changed in honor of the railroad. Though the community grew, it took its time to be formally incorporated, not doing so until the year 1974, more than a century after the original settlers made it their home. Today, the farms have disappeared from the area, and it is largely a residential city. It occupies exactly 4.0 square miles, all of which is land. In 2008, it had an estimated population of 10,054. It occupies two counties, partly resting in Jefferson, and also in Oldham. Prospect is one of the most affluent cities in the state.

The city of Prospect prides itself on the mixture of rural and urban living. Buttressed against the Ohio River, it is right on the Indiana – Kentucky border. Though it has a moderately dense population, traveling through the neighborhoods yields a spacious and open atmosphere. There are also several acres of nature to observe, especially near the area by the Ohio River. With the help of landscaping companies like Four Seasons Landscape Management, residents here also have that look around their properties.

There are four major parks in this affluent town. Cowley Park is the smallest, occupying just two acres. It contains a gazebo, and is mainly the site of a quiet getaway, though it also hosts live music entertainment. Little Hunting Creek Park spans four acres and is named for the creek that bisects it. This park is mainly a picnic area, along with family recreation. Putney Pond and the Woodlands Park is a larger park which covers 26 acres. There are hiking trails of varying difficulty levels, and fishing in Putney Pond. The pond and the surrounding wetlands also attract many species of birds for your casual or hobbyist observation. The largest park is Harrods Creek. A full 105 acres, there are also varying difficulty leveled hiking trails, fishing, and bird watching. The park is also home to a diverse population of wildlife.

The downtown area of Prospect consists mainly of small businesses, with a heavy accent on retail and restaurants. Many types of cuisine are available within the city, with a price range that can fit all budgets. However, there are also hardware stores, specialty stores, and some service businesses. 

Prospect is also home to three golf courses and country clubs. Nevel Meade, Sleepy Hollow, and Hunting Creek all attract residents and visitors from surrounding areas alike to try their hand at beating the par. The lush, beautiful fairways and greens resemble what Four Seasons Landscape Management can give each of our clients at their homes.