Tree Care Goshen KY

Much like your grass, the plants, trees, and shrubs in your landscape also serve vital purposes. One thing they share in common with the lawn is the raising of your property value, if they are well maintained. One or more sizable trees in your yard can reduce the costs of both heating and cooling. During the warmer months, they provide your house with needed shade, so the air conditioning will not have to run as long. On the other hand, in the winter, they also provide an effective windbreak, so the cold will not permeate through as quickly, giving your furnace a break. Shrubs and large bushes can perform the same function. However, they will not be able to do so if they are not adequately nourished or infested with pests or fungal diseases. It is expensive to replace dead bushes and trees, and it may also take time for the new one to grow enough to do the same job. That is why if you live in the Goshen area, you should come to Four Seasons Landscape Management to help you make sure your plants are fully taken care of the entire year.

Similar to our lawn care program, our tree and shrub care program is spread out through the growing season, and is also done in 7 steps.
•    It all starts in the early spring. We come out and apply dormant oil to your plant life. This has the effect of smothering eggs and any adult pests that may have       burrowed inside your plants for the winter in hopes of consuming them when they come out of hibernation.
•    As spring progresses, and the temperatures moderate, the trees and shrubs start to grow more actively. This is when they will receive their first fertilizer                treatment of the year, to get the color and the branches growing outward, and the roots growing downward.
•    When summer approaches and the weather becomes hot, that is when many bugs and fungi become most active. Some of these days are when your trees          will be the most tested, between the pests and the severe temperatures. This is when we give your plants the first insect and disease control products.
•    In later summer, we repeat this procedure to make sure your plants are clear of these insect and fungal threats as the weather continues to remain at its              hottest.
•    In fall, when temperatures become cooler and plants grow more actively, our staff will come for our final visit for another treatment of fertilization. This will              stimulate deeper root growth, allowing your plant life to take in a greater amount of nutrients from the soil. This will maximize their health and growth potential      as they prepare to go dormant for the winter, and will leave them in a stronger position come the next spring.

Like all of our services, you are not locked in to any type of long term deal with our tree and shrub program. Our customers stay with us because we consistently perform to the highest standards. We are unsurpassed as lawn care and landscape professionals in the Goshen and Greater Louisville area. The diligence of our staff will ensure prevention of problems before they start to take place. So, if you are looking to grow your plants and trees to their greatest potential, do not look any further than Four Seasons Landscape Management. Please give us a call, or visit our contact page with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.